Traveling NSCF box round 5 Pulls

This time around I only pulled three Buffy inserts but hopefully next time there will be more 🙂


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Cryptozoic NPN 3 months worth

Here are my brilliant NPN hits for April May and June. Love them all!!!


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NSCF Traveling Box

Here are my lovely pulls from the traveling box round 4! Thanks to who ever put all the Psych cards in the box. Got an autograph I needed from the Alphas box too. Best round yet!


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NSCF Traveling Box Pulls

Here are my pulls from the NSCF Traveling Box. I am glad I was finally able to participate in this 😃

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My NSCF Secret Santa


Brilliant! My secret Santa was ever 😄

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October NPN and my Solarfly Mystery box.



Here are my NPN cards from October and my mystery box from Solarfly cards. Still haven’t opened my box of Psych I got from them.

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My recent trades from NSCF


This is my first time using the WordPress app so I am not sure how the pictures will look. These are my trade pick ups from NSCF. And yes I finally finished my charmed autograph set. Now I only need some pesky inserts and promos to finish my master set.

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Another Walking Dead Sketch

Another amazing sketch from Cryptozoic Entertainment this time by Gary Kezele.

The Walking Dead Sketch



Thank you Cryptozoic!!!!!

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Crypotizic Entertainment

Finally decided to send into Crypotizic Entertainment’s NPO.   I  am glad I finally did!  Got some amazing cards.  Just started collecting Alphas and I would love to really start with the Walking Dead but if I am going to spend the money it would be to finish my buffy sets…anyway here is my generous new additions for CE.   The Walking Dead sketch looks amazing the further away you look 🙂

Cryp June

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Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk

Saving this one for my 200th post.  One of my favorite successes I have to post!  And proof to all autograph collectors to try a long shot.  I am a huge Alan Tudyk fan and he did a 3 day run for an off Broadway play.  I figure give it a shot and it paid off.  Sent to him on March 15th, 2012 vv That Beautiful Laugh and received both my pictures back signed on May 2, 2012.  On the back of the photos he wrote “Wash Lives” and on the other a nice note to me 🙂  I love the Dollhouse photo!

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