Oh…the stuff of Legend!  is named after a Doctor Who quote.  I really wanted to name it “The angels have the phonebox! That’s my favorite.  I’ve got that on a t-shirt.”  but I figured that was just way too long. 🙂

My name is Michele and I collect autographs TTM and Non-sports trading cards.  I am not much of a blogger more of a rambler but I am just here to share my collection with everyone.  So please excuse my dreadful blogging.

I am in the middle of watermaking all my images.  I recently had one image stole and used on Ebay to sell a fake autograph.  I am going to have to remove all the images and replace them.  This is going to result in many broken links and my pictures in my blog being deleted.  You can still view them in my gallery pages.   This is an on going process since there are over 700 images on my site.

If you need to contact me please use the below form.  (It does not get posted to the site and goes straight to me)

This site is made by an autograph collector for other autograph collectors.  I do not profit from any content on these pages.  There is no intention of copyright infringement either.  If you would like any image or written word removed from this site please contact me using the form above.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hello Michele,

    I have come across and met a lot of non-sport trading card collectors in-person and on Trading Card Central, but none of their collections are as impressive and as nicely showcased as yours. I will definitely be checking in as you continue to add to it.


  2. Clive Barker
    PO Box 691829
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    Fanmail.biz has two addresses listed to mail stuff to Clive Barker I just want to know which address to put on my envelope. I have been wanting to send him something for 21 years lol and now I finally have something to send him… lol just need to know which address is the better one of the two to send it too. Your suggestion is kindly welcomed! Thanks! Jennifer Cooley!

    Clive Barker
    1 State Street Plaza
    24th Floor
    New York, NY 10004

    • Michele says:

      Hi jennifer. I always wanted to write to him, but on his official site it said he doesn’t sign. But, I have seen 1 success from the PO Box address, so I would try that one. Good luck.

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