Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan


 Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan

Dexter, Quarantine

 David Zayas  as Angel Batista

Dexter, Oz

Lauren Velez as  Lt. Maria LaGuerta

Dexter Oz

 James Remer as Harry Morgan


Dexter Jericho

 Julie Benz as Rita Bennett

Buffy, Angel, Dexter

 Erik King as Sergeant James Doakes


 Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado


 John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell aka Trinity

Dexter, The Twilight Zone Movie, 3rd Rock..

 Julia Stiles as Lumen Ann Pierce

Julia Stiles & Bill Pullman

 Jamie Murray as Lila Tournay


 Sam Witwer as Neil Perry

Sam Huntington, Sam Witwer & Meaghan Rath





One Response to Dexter

  1. Becky Ryan says:

    Wow, very jealous! I’m a huge Dexter fan 🙂
    I wrote to Michael C Hall early last week via Dexter vv, but unfortunately couldn’t send a stamped SAE as I don’t have any US stamps. I’ve now arranged a stamp swap with someone but couldn’t wait as I wasn’t sure how long it would be till filming wrapped so I decided to just gamble. I’m hoping he still signs the photo I sent as I sent him a portrait I drew of him too…

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