6 Responses to Playbills

  1. Gareth Walsh says:

    would you ever consider selling some of your playbill?

    • Michele says:

      Sorry for the delayed response usually when I get a message it is from someone asking for an address that I can’t help them with. And I would normally say no I love my collection but I am in the process of moving and I no longer collect and think the collection should go to someone who would enjoy it. Just before I read this I was looking at my old contacts to see if they needed anything and they no longer collect as well. Send me a message on my about page and it will go to my email if you are interested in anything.

      • Gareth says:

        Still interested?

      • Michele says:

        Hello Gareth, I did get my entire collection back from storage at my parents house. I am a little iffy if I want to part with my collection and have no idea what it worth. Email at with what you are interested and an offer and I will let you know. Best for a payment I can send a merchant invoice via paypal so we are both protected or list them on ebay for you in a group lot.

      • Michele says:

        Also where do you live? Are you from the USA?

  2. Gareth says:

    Interested still in

    House of blue leaves
    Anything goes

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