This section is for my other random entertainment collectibles, enjoy!

Charmed Season 2 Episode 16 “Murphy’s Luck” Phoebe’s Tie Dye Jean Jacket.



Phoebe's Jacket


I bought this jacket while the show was still airing, maybe during season 6, and paid way too much for it.  Below is a picture from the episode and a video of the trailer where the jacket can be seen.


 Charmed Season 7 Episode 2 “The Bare Witch Project” Paige’s Dress



Paige's Dress



I bought this Dress when they did the huge wardrobe sale once Charmed ended.  Below is a picture from the episode as well as the episode trailer.

Charmed Season 7 Episode 17 “Scry Hard” Phoebe’s Red Tank Top

Phoebe's Red Tank Top

I got this item as the same time as Paige’s Dress.  I really wanted to pick up a Piper item but never got a chance to.  Below is a picture from the show and a trailer for the episode where the top can be seen in.

Wonderfalls Monkey Bookend

This is not an official prop.  A few years I was at a flea market in PA and there was this a vendor with just tons of stuff (mostly junk) piled up on tables.  I saw a pair of bookends and immediately saw that they were the same as the ones used in the TV show Wonderfalls.  All I have to do is paint him gold.  I picked them up for $5 and love them! But only two people ever noticed that they were from the show.

Wonderfalls Monkey Bookend

 It was kind of hard to find a screencaps of the prop so below is the best I could do. It can also be seen animated in the video below.

Wonderfalls Monkey Bookend


Again not an actual prop but I always wanted to make one of these!  Who won’t want a Mama Cobb knit hat?????

Here is the one I knitted.

And here is a brilliant picture of Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb wearing the hat from Firefly


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